Frequently asked questions

What is is an online editor for wedding stationery designers and manufacturers. It is meant to improve the proofing process and make the entire experience smoother for both designers and their clients.

Traditionally, interaction with the client is often happening via email and exchanging files with subsequent changes made to the design. We are proposing a modern approach where clients can make changes to the design directly in the web browser.

How can I register?

We are currently in the beta testing phase. It means we are actively working on the tool and already testing with a few stationery designers. If you would like to try, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I integrate it with my own website or online store? can be embedded onto your website the same way YouTube videos can be embedded.

Can this editor be branded?

You can customize the colors of the editor to match your brand. Watermark can be customized as well.

Can I allow only certain fields to be editable?

You can configure what is editable and what is not. You can also decide from which colors your client can pick and which fonts they can use.

Can protect my artwork?

You can configure and customize a watermark that will be displayed on top of your designs.

What are the export formats?

Crispy PDFs ready for print. You can layout multiple versions on a page which works great when printing things like placecards. Text is converted to shapes so you do not need to worry about fonts.

What fonts are available?

A wide range of fonts on open licenses are available inside

Can I use my own fonts?

You can upload your fonts. You must make sure that the license you hold allows you to use the font and you must convert your font into a WOFF2 format. You can do it using converters online.

Can clients download projects as PDF?

You decide whether your clients can download the project or not. It can be configured in the project settings.

Can I upload my own graphics?

Yes, in PNG and JPEG.

How many cards can I have in one project?

Up to 24 cards in one project.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we offer an API which can be used for more advanced integration use cases. Reach out to find out more.

Can you give a demo of the product?

Sure, we would be happy to demo our service. Please reach out to us.

How can I contact you?

Shoot an email at message on Instagram You can also use the chat widget on this website.

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